Crews and Guides

We have experienced severe weather crews and guides on standby all year round. Our crews regularly shoot for National Geographic, Discovery and The Weather Channel. We have fully equipped cameramen based in the UK and USA ready to travel at a moments notice. All of our camera men and guides have at least four years of in the field storm chasing experience. They have weather proofed camera kits, field editing equipment and access to our internet based video distribution network. That way we can get footage out of areas where traditional satellite links may be unusable. As well as filming equipment we have a wide range of safety equipment including helmets, goggles, waterproof and winter clothing ropes and harnesses. Plus to help us get in to position we have a range of GPS satellite navigation systems. For communications we have VHF/UHF radios as well as a wide selection of mobile and satellite phones. For the USA we have a Xm Baron satellite weather data system as well as fast US wireless data modems and cell phones.


Press Cuttings

Our storm chasers have appeared in numerous TV programs, been written about in news papers and magazines, help present documentaries and written articles for print and web sites. We have amazing stories to tell, almost all of which are backed up by video and photos. Whether you are looking for a story about a British storm chaser that chases thunderstorms and tornadoes in the UK, or someone who travels around the world to chase hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones we can put you in touch with the right person. Find out what it’s like to have to shelter from a tornado in a restaurant deep freeze, or what it feels like to stand in Hurricane force winds. Find out what drives these people to put their lives in danger as they try to get close to killer tornadoes?. On one occasion 3 of our team members helped save the lives of a Kansas family. Our guides have help news crews and journalists get amazing pictures and fantastic stories of adventure and excitement. We can also teach the basics of storm chasing and meteorology and provide expert advice on all aspects of severe and extreme weather.

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