Aurora Photo Gallery.

A Collection of a few pictures taken during my Aurora Tours.

Aurora with fog over the cold Fjord. Tromso, 1st night!

Lots of interesting photo spots around the cabins and barn.

Like green fire of flames in the sky! The Aurora above the cabins.

One for the star gazers. The Milky Way, crystal clear in the pitch black skies with a little bit of Aurora below.

The Aurora shines bright above one of the cabins.

A short walk up the hill from the Cabins gives a completely different view.

Look how bright the ground is from the light of the Aurora!

You’ll need a wide angle lens! Not a photo expert? Don’t worry I’ll show you how to get great photos like these.

Looking straight up, directly into the Aurora

I love this picture from Tromso. We go to this location on the first night of the tour.

Every year the Aurora looks different. This was from 2012.

The tours are run to coincide with the darkest nights with no moon or a small moon. This is a 1/8 crescent moon and you can see how even with a small moon the sky washes out. Avoid trips when the moon is very bright!

Panorama of the Aurora over the cabins early one evening.

Another shot looking straight up into the Aurora. Sometimes it feels so close that you want to reach out and touch it.

If you get chilly you can pop in to the main cabin to warm up at any time. But when the aurora is as bright as this that’s tough to do.

The colour of the Aurora depends on the hight and the energy of the incoming solar particles. You can get red, green, yellow and even blue.

Really bright Aurora showing strong orange and yellow colours.

Like green flames or smoke the Aurora streaks into the sky.

Brilliant green Aurora over the cabins.

A slightly different view.

Swirling, whirling rainbow of Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights reflected from the cold waters of a Fjord near Tromso.

A very cold Sony PMW-F5 camera shooting video of the Aurora.

A bright vertical spire shines up through the Aurora.

This is the cabin where we sleep, but who wants to sleep when there is the Aurora to watch!

The Aurora often takes on a large swirling structure that spins and turns overhead.

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