Arizona Monsoon Tours


Every year I run expeditions to Arizona to experience the spectacle that is the incredible thunderstorms and lightning of the Arizona Monsoon.

Because of the normally dry desert air and high heat these almost daily storms produce amazing bolts of cloud to ground lightning that’s visible for miles and miles.

Why Pheonix, Arizona? August is monsoon season in Arizona. There are almost daily afternoon and evening thunderstorms that can make a spectacular backdrop to any film or photograph. If there are no storms then just a short drive from the city you have some of the clearest, least light polluted skies in the USA so the area is ideal for night time star trail photography and timelpase sequences. Depending on the weather forecast on arrival we can either head north towards the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and the other spectacular sights of Northern Arizona or head south towards Tucson of the epicentre of the Arizona monsoon.


We will visit many different locations during the week. There may be some long drives to get to some of the locations and there will be late nights and early starts to take advantage of Golden Hour and any night time storms.

The cost is $1,800 USD  which includes transport and accommodation but not food or drink.

Please use the contact form if you are interested.


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